Why Authors Should Appreciate Book Reviewers by Susan Barton

Have You Thanked a Book Reviewer Today

Reviews sell books. Most authors know this. Yet, it surprises me how many authors actively seek reviews, yet neglect to acknowledge the efforts of their readers/reviewers. A follow-up email is always greatly appreciated by a book reviewer. Thanking reviewers is important because:

  1.  It’s the polite and considerate thing to do.
  2. It lets reviewers know you’ve actually seen their review.
  3. It encourages reviewers to write more reviews.
  4. It motivates reviewers to read and review your next book.
  5. It shows your readers that, not only are you a great writer, you’re also a genuinely nice person.

Going back to the subject of sending a follow-up email – authors, do you remember how you made a list of potential reviewers? You probably spent hours on the internet in search of book bloggers, hoping that at least a handful of them would be willing to read and review your book. You probably also spent a fair amount of time emailing queries. So why would you drop the ball after someone generously agrees to take you up on your offer?

Taking just a few minutes out of your busy schedule to send a thank you email to a reviewer builds a mutually beneficial partnership that you’ll be glad to have when you release your next book. I’ve had some authors do this and I’m always grateful when they do. It definitely leaves a positive impression in my mind. I actually have an email folder aptly named “Polite and Considerate Authors”. To date, I have exactly six names in this folder. I have to say, that’s not a whole heck of a lot.

There’s definitely a certain amount of effort involved in a book reviewer’s job. Reading a book, jotting down notes, sitting at the computer to write the review, and then posting it to their website, Amazon and Goodreads takes a lot of time. And, if a reviewer is nice enough to share the review via social media, that’s even more time spent promoting your book for you.

My purpose for writing this article is not to shame neglectful authors. It’s my attempt to build better relationships between authors and reviewers. I realize we’re all busy and forgetful at times. But, showing appreciation for book reviewers and acknowledging how valuable they are should be an important part of every author’s marketing strategy.