Top 5 Ways Authors Lose Social Media Followers

There’s no denying that social media has become overwhelmingly beneficial for anyone looking to brand themselves. That includes authors. In my opinion, all authors should be using social media as a marketing tool.

If you’re not sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and all the other social media platforms – then stop what you’re doing and sign up for accounts now. If you’re already using social media to market, brand and promote yourself and your books then kudos to you for recognizing what a FREE marketing goldmine this is.

But are you properly using those social media platforms? If you’re finding yourself losing too many followers then it’s time to check yourself. Here are my top five reasons why you could be losing followers:

1. Posting infrequently

Your followers decided to follow you. Don’t make them go long periods without hearing from you. Your followers will think you’ve stopped writing and you don’t want that. Consistent posts keep followers coming back for more.

2. Posting too often

On the other hand, there’s another sharing pitfall – too much posting. In my own experience, and according to a recent social media study, many people say that too many posts are a major reason to unfollow someone. Strive to find a happy medium. Having said this, remember that not all social media platforms are created equal. For example, posting several Twitter Tweets and ReTweets a day is acceptable, while one or two Facebook posts per day are best.

3. It’s all about you

No, actually it’s not. If all your social media shares are about you then guess what. You’re going to be dumped. No one wants to hear the same sales pitch several posts in a row and no one wants to read your “buy my awesome book” over and over again. Switch things up by sharing posts that include interesting content that doesn’t relate directly to you or your book. And while you’re at it, please ReTweet. Personally, if I see a follower whose feed is only about them – in other words, it’s obvious they don’t ReTweet anyone else’s content – then I know they don’t like to share. Remember to put the “social” back in social media. It’s all about genuine engagement and not all about you.

4. Your posts are overly controversial

This one is a personal pet peeve of mine. If your book (or other “thing”) is about controversial topics then you might want to mention that in your profile so your followers will know what to expect upfront. If your main topic is about something completely different, but you suddenly start throwing in a slew of  anti-government, political commentary, I-hate-the-world-and-everything-in-it, you could very well end up losing followers who didn’t sign up for the drama and controversy. Although, if you hate everyone then you probably wouldn’t care much anyway.

5. Trying to be all things to all people

Try to keep your social media posts geared toward a specific theme. If your thing is writing, books, authors, literature then you have plenty of material to work with, without having to go off in several different directions. Your followers will come to expect certain content from you, which will eventually position you as an authority in your field. Posting an occasional photo of your dog, cat or meal is fine, but it’s best to keep those to a minimum.

And there you have it. These are my personal top five reasons why authors (and just about anyone) could find themselves losing social media followers. What are yours?