The Difference Between a Blog Post and an Article

As a content writer, I find that it can sometimes be frustrating when a client approaches me and requests a series of blog posts when they’re not really sure what they’re looking for. In the past, I’ve quoted my blog post writing fee and the client and I move forward with the project. However, I was quickly finding that many clients were requesting blog posts when in fact what they were really looking for were articles. Make no mistake; the two are very different types of Web copy.

There is a definite difference between a blog post and an article. To help you determine what kind of content you need, I’ve listed the following distinctions below:

Blog Posts:

  • Can be written in first person
  • Written in a helpful, casual and conversational tone, designed to be easily read
  • Contains tips, lessons, tools, etc
  • Contains personal opinions and insights


  • Written in second or third person, using a scholarly, professional tone
  • Designed to be carefully read and studied
  • Contains data, facts, statistics, and analysis, as well as reports to educate and inform readers
  • Includes embedded links within the body to substantiate detailed information

As you can see from the descriptions, articles are much more time-consuming to write than blog posts. Articles require a certain amount of research and expert citation and notation. Blog posts are informal and require little to no research. Professional content writer/copywriters will adjust their fees accordingly.

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