Why Authors Should Keep Giving Out Free Books

    Amazon recently revamped their review policy…again. Honestly, I think it was a step in the right direction, since there were many, MANY review clubs popping up all over the place. Consumers were growing far too wary of glowing,… Read more

Why Authors Should REALLY Consider Having Their Book Tour Content Professionally Prepared

You’re probably thinking, I’m an author. I know how to write and I don’t need to pay someone to write my book tour content for me. I’m going to have disagree with you and I’ll tell you why (and the answer… Read more

Press Release: Author Robert Germaux is Set to Release His NEW Detective Novel, “Hard Court”

ROBERT GERMAUX REVEALS THE COVER FOR HIS LATEST DETECTIVE NOVEL, “HARD COURT”    Author Robert Germaux returns to his detective novel writing roots with his latest suspenseful thriller “Hard Court”. He unveils the much awaited book cover during a Cover Reveal… Read more

How to Work Through Writer’s Block – Guest Post By Tom Dale

Today’s guest post is written by Tom Dale. Tom is a staff writer at eBooks by Sainsbury’s. Tom has written about a subject that might be near and not so dear to many writers.  How to Work Through Writer’s Block… Read more

Blog It! by Molly Greene Featured Book

You’ve written your book and now it’s time to sit back and wait for sales to soar, right? Wrong. It takes a huge amount of work for writers to get their book noticed. We’ve discussed several ways to promote and… Read more

10 Helpful Writing Prompts – A Slideshow

eBook Review Gal's Helpful Writing Prompts from eBook Review Gal

New eBook Review Gal Facebook Page Launched

          We’ve launched our new eBook Review Gal Facebook Page and we want your likes! Please visit today, like our page and leave a comment. Feel free to promote yourself, your book, blog, and/or website. Share… Read more