Interview with Judith Glynn Author of The Street or Me: A New York Story

eBook Review Gal had the pleasure of interviewing author, Judith Glynn, recently. Judith’s first novel, A Collector of Affections: Tales from a Woman’s Heart entwines cherished travel experiences and travelers’ secrets with a strong emphasis on Spain. It’s been translated into… Read more

How to Work Through Writer’s Block – Guest Post By Tom Dale

Today’s guest post is written by Tom Dale. Tom is a staff writer at eBooks by Sainsbury’s. Tom has written about a subject that might be near and not so dear to many writers.  How to Work Through Writer’s Block… Read more

eBook Review Gal Blog Launch – Contributors Wanted

We’ve launched a new eBook Review Gal Blog as a complement to this website and as a place for writers to share their work, their writing process, tips, advice and techniques. We want the blog to become an online community where writers can help one another to… Read more

10 Helpful Writing Prompts – A Slideshow

eBook Review Gal's Helpful Writing Prompts from eBook Review Gal