Review of Love’s Funny That Way by Pamela Burford

Four high school friends make a marriage pact. If any of them are still unmarried by age thirty the rest of the group has to find a suitable partner for her, and she must stick with the choice for at… Read more

Review of The Girl Before by J. P. Delaney

This is the story of Emma and Jane…and a house. Emma is the girl before and Jane is the current occupant of One Folgate Street. Through alternating POV, we learn the tale of obsession, control and murder, while finding out… Read more

Review of The Things We Knew by Catherine West

Lynette Carlisle has been forced to be so strong for so long and now things are beginning to collapse around her. At just twenty-four, she’s had to be the lone caretaker of her family’s crumbling estate and her father, whose… Read more

Crowning Glory by Stacy Harshman Book Tour Spotlight and Giveaway

Paperback: 276 pages Publisher: Andarina Publishing (June 26, 2016) Language: English ISBN-10: 0997368810 ISBN-13: 978-0997368819   ABOUT CROWNING GLORY: In this beautifully written, heartfelt, witty, and life-affirming memoir, Stacy Harshman tracks her amazing experiment. By wearing dramatic, identically styled but differently colored wigs for weeks… Read more

Review of Gold (Wanted: Miss Jane Mutta) by Ryn Shell

This book introduces readers to Miss Jane Mutta, a twenty nine year old “spinster” who studies dentistry at University and aspires to open her own practice. Since she has the misfortune to be living in the mid-1800s Jane finds it… Read more

Review of The Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin

Life was good in 1950s America. In that time between wars, where the country flourished, television was new and women still “dressed” for lunch,  New York City was the place to see and be seen, not by the likes of… Read more

Review of The Godforsaken Daughter by Christina McKenna

Ruby Clare is thirty-three, unmarried and still lives at home on the family farm with her bitter, abusive mother. Since Ruby’s beloved father died suddenly, Ruby’s day consists of knitting tea cozies, and waiting hand and foot on Martha Clare…. Read more

Review of There’s a Pattern Here and It Ain’t Glen Plaid by Laurie Frankel

I’ve always believed women should be strong and independent. Go to college, get a great job and learn to survive on their own and not have to depend on a man, or anyone for that matter. Often times I have… Read more

Review of Fly by Night (A Gracie Anderson Mystery) by Laurinda Wallace

eBook Review Gal has another FAB book reviewer! Suzette Brown is the author of Alzheimer’s: Through My Mother’s Eyes. Suzette is an avid reader and the proud owner of a Certified Therapy Dog named Flower. Suzette got involved in pet… Read more

Review of Something Good by Darlene Deluca

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