Cordell’s Poems of Spiritual Inspiration by Mack “Cordell” Moore

Cordell’s Poems of Spiritual Inspiration Second Edition by Mack “Cordell” Moore will take you on a spiritual journey using the bible as his inspiration. These heart-felt poems are more like mini stories that are uplifted with the spirit of Jesus. The mini-stories… Read more

In Search of Home and Voices of Haiti Book Blitz

This award-winning* e-book focuses on an under-reported global crisis: statelessness. People who are stateless are not refugees, not exactly. Often they are living in their homes in a country they consider to be their own. Yet they are stateless—without the… Read more

Review of Embracing: A Poetic Perspective by D.D. Wright

Brief Smashwords Book Description: “Embracing, will touch the hearts and intellects of those who have had to accept life, on life’s terms, despite how comfortable or challenging, it is or has been. Through poetic devices, different forms of poetry as… Read more

Pie: An Old Brown Horse By Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo

Book Description: Who Decides When a Horse Is No Longer Useful? This five star Readers’ Favorite is the story of Pie, a working ranch horse well past retirement age. When he was injured, he was considered used up, with nothing… Read more