The SOS Group That Saved Me Author Guest Post by Maíra Rayanne

Today’s Author Guest Post is a little different than most posts I share on the eBook Review Gal. It’s also a beneficial and timely topic. Author Maira Rayanne talks about Suicide Support Groups – Specifically how the Survivors of Suicide… Read more

Review of Light Remains by A. C. Fuller

Light Remains is a very brief book (73 pages), containing three short stories: Can You Hear Me Now? Celebrity-Prayers.Net The Last Day on Earth of Zelta Jones, Starwoman I found each of these stories to be incredibly unique, well written… Read more

Review of Madigan Mine by Kirstyn McDermott

Alex and Madigan were childhood friends since kindergarten – until Madigan’s family suddenly moved away. Alex is thrilled to bump into Madigan again years later when they’re both in their twenties. They renew their relationship, but this time it’s become… Read more

Review of Mays Landing by J. C. Mercer

  We first meet Mays Landing’s main character Parkhill Mays in Bellevue Hospital after a failed suicide attempt. His hospital roommate T-Bone convinces him to flee from the hospital and quickly introduces Mays to life underneath NYC’s subway system. T-Bone… Read more

Review of Deadly Advice by Roberta Isleib

Rebecca Butterman is a psychologist who moonlights as an advice columnist for Bloom! Magazine. Rebecca is still struggling to move past her recent divorce, as well as having to come to grips with a few other personal issues. Rebecca is… Read more

Review of Lighthouse Nights by Jake Vander Ark

Trevor and Jules are a dysfunctional couple who take advantage of suicidal people they meet in an internet chat room. They encourage deeply depressed individuals to end it all so they can steal their valuables. Trevor is clearly psychotic, with… Read more

Review of Still Here: How to Succeed in Life After Failing At Suicide by Andy Grant

Living in a dark, distant place can be lonely and dangerous. Many people struggle daily with depression and suicidal thoughts. Even if the thought was just that, a passing thought, and quickly went away, the danger of harming oneself still… Read more

Review of The Grass Sweeper God by Doug Howery

My Book Tour will be sponsoring a Virtual Book Tour of The Grass Sweeper God by Doug Howery, July 6th through July 10th. Please stop by at check it out. In the meantime, eBook Review Gal is sharing a review… Read more

Review of Hyacinth Girls by Lauren Frankel

Joyce and Rebecca are best friends growing up in Connecticut in the 80s. When Joyce becomes a teen mom, Rebecca steps in to help. Joyce and Rebecca raise Callie together and when Joyce unexpectedly dies, Rebecca becomes Callie’s guardian. The… Read more