Review of Piecing Together Forgiveness by Kristi Burchfiel

Forgiveness can be difficult for many people and that includes Christians. Even when we set aside any sort of religious or spiritual reasons for forgiving someone who has wronged us, deep down most of us recognize how important it is… Read more

Review of Midnight Jesus by Jamie Blaine

Jamie Blaine is a psychotherapist and crisis interventionist. He’s also a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ. Combine these backgrounds and you have the makings of an interesting book. Midnight Jesus is a work of creative non-fiction – meaning that… Read more

Review of Better Not Love Me by Dan Kolbet

  Amelia Cook is a single mom, who’s become burned out by her corporate position at Riddell Industries. She’d only taken the job after her new love, Edwin, died tragically while saving her son, Marcus. But after four years of… Read more

Review of Semi Serious by Charlotte Stone

Charlotte Stone had been a teacher for almost two decades when she decided to make a sudden and dramatic career change. After a casual conversation with her truck driver son-in-law, Charlotte spontaneously decided to go into the trucking business as… Read more

Review of The Witch of Lime Street by David Jaher

During the 1920s, after so many lives were lost during World War I and a deadly flu epidemic, people were eager to stay in touch with their departed loved ones. And so the age Spiritualism and Mysticism was born. While… Read more

Review of True Healing by Alison Anton

The full title of this book is True Healing: Spiritual Medicine for Every Illness – A Mind-Body Guide for Managing Stress, Trauma, Disease, and Pain, which is the reason why I chose it. As someone who has been dealing with… Read more

Review of Chet: From Out of Nowhere by Larry Murray

Charles Tucker is a hardworking young man with a loving wife and an adoring little boy. Earning a living as a dairy farmer is notoriously difficult in any economy. When Charles needs a new truck to keep the family business… Read more

Cordell’s Poems of Spiritual Inspiration by Mack “Cordell” Moore

Cordell’s Poems of Spiritual Inspiration Second Edition by Mack “Cordell” Moore will take you on a spiritual journey using the bible as his inspiration. These heart-felt poems are more like mini stories that are uplifted with the spirit of Jesus. The mini-stories… Read more

Review of The Sisters Will Dance by Brian Wheeler

Blaine Woosley is an addict who has recently completed a stay in rehab. While we’re not certain what Blaine was addicted to, we’re made aware of his daily struggle with his addiction and his attempts to keep it from taking… Read more

Beyond Heights and Depths by Christian Brown

5 Star Reviews Book Description: “As I awaken in the dark warmth of this terrifying place, laid out on the strangely uneven ground, I open my eyes to see the true horrors this place was built upon…She is supposed to… Read more