Review of Crowning Glory by Stacy Harshman

eBook Review Gal recently hosted a stop on the Crowning Glory Book Tour and decided to go back and read Ms. Harshman’s book. Here’s the review:   How many of us have fantasized about being someone else, even if it’s… Read more

Review of Strangers Have the Best Candy by Margaret Meps Schulte

Everyone has heard the warning about taking candy from strangers: Don’t do it. Strangers can be weird, devious and even downright dangerous. But is that true for all strangers? Of course not. After all, a person is only a stranger… Read more

Review of Understanding Y by Charlie Caruso

As the mother of three Gen Y Americans, I began to get a little nervous when I first started reading Understanding Y. Had I, in my quest to be a good mom, contributed to the so-called “me” generation? Fortunately, as… Read more