Review of Never Ever by Gita V. Reddy

Review of Bertrand Court by Michelle Brafman

Betrand Court is a novel that revolves around the lives of several friends, family members and in-laws (most of them Jewish) living in the Washington DC area. The story spans over decades. If it seems as though I’m struggling to… Read more

Review of What Michael Wants by Michael Hebler

Rachel and David are still grieving over the death of their infant son Adam. They’re past the point of grieving are now in the anger stages of Adam’s death. Their marriage is falling apart and when they begin hearing Adam’s… Read more

Review of Light Remains by A. C. Fuller

Light Remains is a very brief book (73 pages), containing three short stories: Can You Hear Me Now? Celebrity-Prayers.Net The Last Day on Earth of Zelta Jones, Starwoman I found each of these stories to be incredibly unique, well written… Read more

Review of Brief Encounters with Solitary Souls by Evy Journey

Brief Encounters with Solitary Souls is a short story compilation of five open-ended stories. these include: At A Paris Café The Gypsy The Sum of a Young Life A Few Fast Heartbeats Fragrant Green Mangoes I wasn’t sure what to… Read more

Grammar Sex and Other Stuff by Robert Germaux Book Tour Spotlight

  Publisher:Robert T. Germaux (February 19, 2017) Publication Date:February 19, 2017 Sold by:Amazon Digital Services LLC Language:English ASIN:B06WD84F1N   ABOUT THE BOOK: Grammar Sex (And Other Stuff) is one man’s take on life’s little moments, minor annoyances and unexpected delights…. Read more

Review of Crossing the Border by Ksenia Rychtycka

  Crossing the Border is a collection of nine short stories, mostly centering on the lives of Ukrainian characters. Each story comes across as quite personal and heartfelt, and I found the author’s words to be poignant and full of emotion…. Read more

Ksenia Rychtycka Author Interview

The “Crossing the Border” Book Tour continues through May 6 and eBook Review Gal has the author interview here!   Tell us about Crossing the Border. Crossing the Border is a short story collection that focuses on Ukrainian characters who… Read more

Review of Two for the Heart by Ekta R. Garg

I was initially apprehensive about the concept of stories in pairs, I couldn’t understand how they would interlink or have an impact on me as a reader; but now I’m a convert. Ekta R. Garg is an eloquent writer, telling… Read more

Review of Branding of a Heretic by Kal S. Davian

Will the truth really set you free? Claradina Ou’bosa, a prestigious and respected scholar of Haiel, was researching history – the war of absolution to be exact, when she discovered a document that contradicted the Sacred Scrolls. Claradina pulled her… Read more