Review of Coming Home by Kimberley O’Malley

Dr. Elizabeth Fitzgerald is forced to return to her hometown after ten years of being away. Her mother has had a massive heart attack and the last thing Elizabeth wanted was to revisit the heartbreak of her past, but she… Read more

A Gentlemen’s Fate by A. J. Linn Book Release Tour

Title: A Gentleman’s Fate (Volume 4) Series: The Gentleman’s Series Author: A.J. Linn Genre: Romance Release Date: June 22, 2015 Cover Design: Dancinee Jennings The story continues for the handsome reformed Malibu playboy, Donovan Hart, in this, the fourth and… Read more

Review of How To Catch a (Rock) Star by Gabrielle Aquilina

Lillie is young, pretty and temporarily stuck in a dead-end job she hates. Her breakup with “Married Matt” a year prior has left her more than a little jaded and hesitant to start a new relationship. That changes when she’s… Read more

Review of Sex and Romance, What You Should’ve Learned as a Teen by Mark Andre Alexander

This book is the third installment in Mark Andre Alexander’s What You Should’ve Learned as a Teen series and I must say I was blown away. Although it’s a fairly short read, Mr. Alexander has packed a huge amount of… Read more

Review of Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich

Twelve Sharp is the twelfth book in Janet Evanovich’s  hilarious Stephanie Plum Series. I found this book to be a compelling mystery, hysterically funny, and one of my favorites so far in the series. I must admit though, when I… Read more

Review of Without a Net by Jill Blake

When Eva’s husband, Roger, dies of brain cancer, she suddenly becomes a struggling single mom to their son, Ben. Mourning the loss of Roger was complicated by the fact that he waited until he was on his deathbed to tell… Read more

Review of Red, White and Screwed by Holly Bush

Red, White and Screwed is a contemporary romance that takes place in the midst of a political scandal. Glenda Nelson is humiliated, and spit’n mad because the congressional candidate whom she chose to support and promote, was found climbing out… Read more

Review of One Chance, One Moment by Judith Kohnen

Famous celebrity singer, Garry Danzlo, is distraught over his father’s suicide. His attempt to clear his head by going for a drive results in a devastating car crash that leaves him maimed and bedridden. His sister, Melissa, soon realizes Garry’s… Read more

Review of A Mug’s Game by C. D. Swanson

Jimmie Barlow is a seventeen-year-old extreme video gamer, living with his sister, Beth, and her young daughter, Suzie. Jimmie and Beth lost their parents in a deadly car accident caused by a drunk driver. It’s clear that Jimmie has some… Read more

Star of Bethlehem by Sarah Daltry Book Blitz

  Book Info: Title: Star of Bethlehem (Flowering Holiday Novella) Author: Sarah Daltry Release Date: 11/18/2013 Publisher: SDE Press         Book Blurb: Jack isn’t a rock star. He’s not the leader of a MC. He isn’t a… Read more