Self-Publishing: Now is the Right Time By Michael Bolan, Author

I was speaking recently with a fellow author, one slightly more successful than yours truly. He has published over 40 books and short stories, selling millions of copies. He’s what you could call “the real deal”. And he’s just given… Read more

How to Market Your Indie Book – A Slideshow

Here are several tips, techniques and methods for Indie authors to increase book sales and profits: How to Market Your Indie Book from eBook Review Gal

Indie Publishing Site List

So you want to publish your own book and aren’t sure where to start? Here’s a short list (courtesy of Self Marketing Today) of a few Indie Publishing Sites: PublishAmerica BookTango Virtual Bookworm Xlibris Smashwords Aventine Press AuthorsDen Lulu Kindle Direct Publishing… Read more

New eBook Review Gal Facebook Page Launched

          We’ve launched our new eBook Review Gal Facebook Page and we want your likes! Please visit today, like our page and leave a comment. Feel free to promote yourself, your book, blog, and/or website. Share… Read more

eBook Reviews for You

I love a good book. Who doesn’t? Losing yourself among interesting characters, nearby or faraway places, and villains and heroes has the ability to give us a reprieve from the stresses and/or boredom of daily life. While readers often have… Read more