Review of Monsterland by Michael Phillip Cash

Wyatt Baldwin is the new kid in town, which makes him part of the “unpopular” group at school. He secretly worships perfect and beautiful Jade, but knows she belongs to Nolan, the school jock. Wyatt is a good and caring… Read more

The Battle for Darracia by Michael Phillip Cash Virtual Book Tour Stop

  Print Length:542 pages Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (6/22/2015) Language:English ISBN-10: 1511831545 ISBN-13:9781511831543   ABOUT “THE BATTLE FOR DARRACIA”: The Battle for Darracia Books I, II, and III, are now combined into this one epic novel! On the planet Darracia, an… Read more

Review of Blue Karma by J. K. Ullrich

Water is the resource of life. Without water humans, plants and animals would perish. Water is crucial for survival and its absence can contribute to feelings of  anger, greed and depression. But what about extreme amounts of water? As many… Read more

Review of Brave New Girls: Tales of Girls and Gadgets, Edited by Paige Daniels and Mary Fan

  What a fantastic concept for an anthology. A book that highlights a diverse group of intelligent young heroines is sure to be a hit among youngsters and adults. The stories contained within Brave New Girls (Tales of Girls and… Read more

Review of Red Hope by John Dreese

BOOK SYNOPSIS: It’s late 2015. The Mars Curiosity rover rumbles along the crusty surface of Mars. The on-board cameras detect something shimmering on the horizon. Engineers re-direct it to go investigate. When it finally arrives, the cameras capture shocking images… Read more

Treasure Darkly by Jordan Elizabeth Virtual Book Tour Stop & Giveaway

Beware a Treasure Darkly… (The stunning cover art is thanks to Amalia Chitulescu) Seventeen-year-old Clark Treasure assumes the drink he stole off the captain is absinthe…until the chemicals in the liquid give him the ability to awaken the dead. A… Read more

Interview with Dylan Lee Peters Author of Everflame

After reading and reviewing Everflame, by Dylan Lee Peters, I was so impressed I knew I had to reach out to the author. I asked Dylan if he was interested in doing an interview and he graciously accepted my offer. What Dylan… Read more

Review of Everflame by Dylan Lee Peters

Although Fantasy isn’t usually my first book genre choice, I decided to download a copy of Everflame for two reasons. The first being it was free, the second because it had garnered over 930 Amazon reviews, with four stars being… Read more

Review of Spirit of Dragons by Kathryn Loch

Spirit of Dragons is the first book in Kathryn Loch’s exciting Dragon Wars series. During the eleventh century, hidden from the human race were battles that were being fought in England, between the people of magic. The Draoi (Druids that… Read more

Review of Spirits of Vengeance by Andrew John Rainnie

Spirits of Vengeance by Andrew John Rainnie is an explosive, imaginative tale of the world called Enara. I love the way the characters are wonderfully woven into an easy to follow web of mortals, immortals, spirits and elevens.  One of my… Read more