#BookReview of The Black Coats by Colleen Oakes

Thea hasn’t been the same since her cousin and best friend, Natalie, was found murdered. She spends her days alone and angry, no longer doing any of the things she once loved so much. When she receives a mysterious invitation… Read more

Review of The Revenge of Adam Defoe by Evgeny Levin

Dr. Yoav Walberg lives a charmed life. He’s a young, up and coming medical professional, who’s engaged to a beautiful woman and set to inherit millions. Despite all of this, Dr. Walberg remains humble and likable. However, his good fortune… Read more

Review of Hyde’s Corner – Book I – No Man’s Land by J B Bergstad

It’s 1947 and Dr. Herman Beaman awakens to find an old familiar duffle bag that has been left on his doorstep. The stained and worn bag takes Dr. Beaman back almost two decades to a fateful journey he and Selmer… Read more