Review of The Kindness Challenge by Shaunti Feldhahn

I chose to read this book because I was intrigued by the kindness challenge. Anything that promotes being more kind to friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances has got to be a positive book. I wasn’t disappointed. The Kindness Challenge asks… Read more

Review of The After House by Michael Phillip Cash

Remy Galway is a divorced mother, forced to start a new life with her six year old daughter Olivia. Remy rents an old, historic cottage in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. It doesn’t take long for Remy to realize she… Read more

Review of The Flip by Michael Phillip Cash

Julie and Brad are a young, ambitious couple, struggling to make a go of the house-flipping business. When Julie spots a dilapidated old mansion on Long Island’s Cold Spring Harbor Brad has serious reservations, but Julie is set on rehabilitating… Read more

Review of Twenty-One Trees by Linda Cousine

Savannah May Holladay wakes up confused and frightened in the hospital from a medical induced coma. It’s a lot for Savannah to take in all at once. Her parents look like they’ve aged over night, her best friend, Birdy, is… Read more

Review of My Funny Valentine by Barbara Cool Lee

My Funny Valentine is another short story from Barbara Cool Lee about the quirky and appealing characters of Pajaro Bay. This is the second little book I’ve read in this series and I was just as pleased as I was… Read more

Review of 50 Shades of Love by Georgene Summers

50 Shades of Love is a brief compilation of eight short love stories to include: Sweet Inspirations Frost in the Window The Renovated Romance Best Friends Lost and Found Wedding in Black Do You Believe in Magic? Coffee, Tea or… Read more