eBook Review Gal’s Children’s Book Reviews Are Now On the DIY Mom Blog

eBook Review Gal’s reviews of children’s books can now be found on the DIY Mom Blog, where the focus is mainly on parents and children and all things related. You can find plenty of reviews of great kids’ books, including… Read more

Review of The Ant Thief by Gita V. Reddy

Noira is a lazy ant who refuses to do any work, unlike all the other ants. Instead, she steals whatever she desires and has no regard for anyone but herself. She even has the nerve to steal a diamond ring… Read more

Review of Colors of the Wine Country by Kyle and Amy Goleno

                  Colors of the Wine Country is a sturdy board book designed to teach small children their colors, while at the same time sharing the natural beauty of California’s Napa Valley. I’ve visited… Read more