Review of A Grave Affair by Shelley Smith

Edmund Burke is both respected and hated. As a member of Britain’s House of Commons, Burke’s position can be a dangerous one. His every move is under scrutiny, so his infidelity must be kept secret. When Burke’s mistress is murdered,… Read more

Review of The Kennedy Autopsy by Jacob Hornberger

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was one of the most popular presidents in American history. He also made more than a few enemies while in office. Although his assassination occurred in 1963, speculation regarding the circumstances of his death still persists… Read more

Review of The Dinner by Herman Koch

Paul Lohman and his wife, Claire, are meeting Paul’s brother, Serge and his wife, Babette, for dinner at an upscale restaurant. Paul is less than thrilled, since he seems to have nothing but disdain for his politician brother. Throughout dinner,… Read more

Review of The Lease by John Stryder

Fae Cunningham is a young woman with an unusual background. Ever since a mysterious stranger granted her parents’ request to bring Fae out of a coma years ago, she’s had a nagging feeling that someone or something is following her…. Read more

Review of Red Hope by John Dreese

BOOK SYNOPSIS: It’s late 2015. The Mars Curiosity rover rumbles along the crusty surface of Mars. The on-board cameras detect something shimmering on the horizon. Engineers re-direct it to go investigate. When it finally arrives, the cameras capture shocking images… Read more

Review of Bloody Royals by Alan Alexander

A local hiker slips down a hillside near Scotland’s Balmoral Estate and accidentally discovers a partially buried skull. Aberdeen’s Metropolitan Police force must discover who the victim is and under what circumstances the death has occurred. Former royal aide and… Read more

Review of The Demeter Code by Russell Brooks

eBook Review Gal is excited to add another great book reviewer to our fabulous team! Neil McFarlane is a former EFL teacher who recently returned to college to gain an MA in English. He has written numerous articles primarily for… Read more

Review of Dance with the Enemy by Rob Sinclair

Dance with the Enemy, by Rob Sinclair, piqued my interest just by the title alone. This is a smashing thriller! I could not put it down from the first word until the last. This book is an unpredictable story with… Read more

Review of By All Means by Alan Alexander

The setting of this story is in the picturesque country of Scotland, where it was virtually unheard of for two murders to happen in the same weekend. These sudden and unexplained deaths were being investigated by Detective Chief Inspector Vanessa… Read more

Review of Red, White and Screwed by Holly Bush

Red, White and Screwed is a contemporary romance that takes place in the midst of a political scandal. Glenda Nelson is humiliated, and spit’n mad because the congressional candidate whom she chose to support and promote, was found climbing out… Read more