Review of Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson

When I saw the subtitle of this book – How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera – I knew it was for me. I have an older mid-range DSLR and upgrading is out of the question right now. Knowing… Read more

Review of Modern Printmaking by Sylvie Covey

Modern Printmaking is a beautiful, substantial reference book for the novice to intermediate printmaker, or for anyone who simply appreciates the beauty of uniquely crafted artwork. Starting with a brief introduction to printmaking, that includes basic terms and definitions, the… Read more

Review of The Other Side of Nowhere by Max Allen

Right at the beginning of The Other Side of Nowhere, the author discloses that the photos included in this book are his earlier work and that he struggled with whether or not to publish them. He admits that he finds… Read more

Review of Learning to See Creatively by Bryan Peterson

Bryan Peterson is a well-known photography expert, instructor and author, with several highly popular publications on the subject, as well as being the founder of The Bryan Peterson School of Photography. When it comes to photography, Mr. Peterson clearly knows… Read more

Review of Capture the Moment by Sarah Wilkerson

If you think you have to travel the world to take great photos Capture the Moment will prove you wrong. Sarah Wilkerson begins her book with a chapter on “Natural Light” to show how inexpensive it is to take awesome… Read more

Review of John Shaw’s Guide to Digital Nature Photography

I was excited to have the opportunity to read and review this guide. I’m a self-taught photographer and my favorite genre is nature/wildlife photography, so I figured this book would be helpful. I wasn’t disappointed. I agree with some of… Read more

Review of Idealism is an attractive flower by Oneida Morningstar Cramer

Via the brief introduction, Ms. Cramer describes the concept of her book as a combination of poetry and photography, “using the photograph as a trampoline” to bounce different elements off one another…“where taste and aroma become the drink”. I loved… Read more

In Search of Home and Voices of Haiti Book Blitz

This award-winning* e-book focuses on an under-reported global crisis: statelessness. People who are stateless are not refugees, not exactly. Often they are living in their homes in a country they consider to be their own. Yet they are stateless—without the… Read more

Review of Chaperones by Megan Karasch

I was excited to begin reading Chaperones because it centered around one of my favorite things – photography – but I soon found it was much more than that. Chaperones is about love, relationships, growing up and finding oneself. Andrea… Read more

Voices of Haiti by Lisa Armstrong, Kwame Dawes & Andre Lambertson

Voices of Haiti was recently named one of the best e-books of the year by the Pictures of the Year International (POYi). The e-book combines poetry, journalism, photography, and music to capture state building in Haiti.   iTunes Description: “An… Read more