Review of The Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin

Life was good in 1950s America. In that time between wars, where the country flourished, television was new and women still “dressed” for lunch,  New York City was the place to see and be seen, not by the likes of… Read more

Review of Murder Takes Time by Giacomo Giammatteo

Giacomo Giammattoe has proven himself a master storyteller in his brilliantly crafted debut novel Murder Takes Time. This extraordinary multifaceted crime/thriller is colored with so many vivid and authentic details that the reader will feel as if they are actually… Read more

Goodreads Review of Product by Ian McCain

I just finished Product, by Ian McCain and, although this book was reviewed by our very own Peg Glover, I wanted to personally weigh in and put in my two cents, so here’s my Goodreads review: Product by Ian S…. Read more

Product by Ian McCain – Book Review by Peg Glover

This book is a well written vampire story that is painted so vividly that I actually felt as if I was living it; and let me tell you, that is one electrifying and frightening experience. The book centers around the… Read more