Review of Faith in Crisis by Jim and Shirley Carroll

Jim Carroll was working in Kuwait during the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Jim’s wife Shirley, and their seven children, were stranded in the couple’s summer home in Georgia, with no means of income and very little information about Jim’s… Read more

Review of The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook by Patsy Catsos

From the back cover: “…this is the complete guide and cookbook for overcoming IBS by discovering your dietary triggers. Using (the author’s) established, step-by-step elimination diet, you’ll build a personalized, doable, and fulfilling diet around nutritious, delicious foods that let… Read more

Review of Spanish for Beginners by Sergio Rodriguez

Spanish for Beginners starts with a thorough and well-written introduction, explaining what information readers should expect to find in the book. From there, readers will find twelve extensive chapters that each contain plenty of practical advice, tips and guidance for… Read more

Review of Crazy is My Superpower by AJ Mendez Brooks

Retired WWE champion AJ Mendez Brooks has written a book that is less about her WWE career and much more about her dysfunctional childhood/adolescence. Like her mother, AJ was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at the age of eighteen. She relates… Read more

Review of Tween Talk by Erainna Winnett

This is a book geared toward tweens – those in-betweeners who sometimes seem to have trouble fitting in. The author addresses several very timely topics, to include: Bullying Cyber-Bullying Peer Pressure Cliques Conflict Resolution Friendships Success It’s clear that the… Read more

Review of Starting Over by Dave and Jon Ferguson

This book is all about examining our regrets and starting over again to have a more fulfilling and spiritual life. The authors outline what they call the “three R’s” for breaking out of the Sorry Cycle – Recognize, Release and… Read more

Authorpreneur by Nina Amir

The subtitle of this book is “How to Build a Business around Your Book”, so that’s the primary focus. From the start, the author addresses the cold hard facts of being an author – most authors do not get rich… Read more

Review of Story Genius by Lisa Cron

Story Genius gives novelists an alternative to winging it and plotting it. Lisa Cron explains her blueprint method of drawing out the essentials of a story idea to turn it into a full-fledged novel. There’s some good advice in this… Read more

Review of Gluten Free Recipes by Paula Patterson and Jacqueline Moore

This book begins with an introduction that includes some solid advice not only for going gluten-free, but also for taking control of your health through proper diet and exercise. The book addresses both gluten-free and gluten-free vegan diets and explains… Read more