Book Review of A Danger to Herself and Others by Alyssa Sheinmel

Hannah suddenly finds herself institutionalized and confined to a small hospital room. She knows there must be some mistake. She’d never hurt her best friend and dorm roommate Agnes. But Agnes is in a coma and Agnes’s parents are blaming… Read more

Review of Crazy is My Superpower by AJ Mendez Brooks

Retired WWE champion AJ Mendez Brooks has written a book that is less about her WWE career and much more about her dysfunctional childhood/adolescence. Like her mother, AJ was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at the age of eighteen. She relates… Read more

Review of Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall

Norah is seventeen and lives her entire life inside her house. She’s homeschooled by her mother and she hasn’t seen her friends in four years. Norah doesn’t leave the house because she suffers from OCD, agoraphobia and severe anxiety. When… Read more

Review of The Moon is Broken by Eleanor Craig

The Moon is Broken is a mother’s memoir, detailing a daughter’s struggles with mental illness and drug abuse. The book begins with daughter Ann’s inability to complete her senior college year. Documenting her heartbreaking rollercoaster ride, Ms. Craig gives readers… Read more

Review of Crowning Glory by Stacy Harshman

eBook Review Gal recently hosted a stop on the Crowning Glory Book Tour and decided to go back and read Ms. Harshman’s book. Here’s the review:   How many of us have fantasized about being someone else, even if it’s… Read more

Review of Mays Landing by J. C. Mercer

  We first meet Mays Landing’s main character Parkhill Mays in Bellevue Hospital after a failed suicide attempt. His hospital roommate T-Bone convinces him to flee from the hospital and quickly introduces Mays to life underneath NYC’s subway system. T-Bone… Read more

Review of You Only Get So Much by Dan Kolbet

After a tragic, life-changing event shatters Billy Redmond’s idyllic life forever, he becomes a reclusive loner. He chooses to live alone in the Montana Mountains and remain estranged from his family for the next twelve years. He thinks it’s better… Read more