Review of First Do No Harm by L. Jan Eira

Dr. Jack Norris has a great life. He’s a young, well-respected cardiac specialist working in a small community hospital and he’s married to gorgeous psychologist, Claire. He never imagines his life will be turned upside down after his best friend… Read more

Review of Coming Home by Jill Blake

Yes! Our book review team is growing some more. Anastasia Bird has joined our group of fabulous book reviewers. In Anastasia’s own words:  “I’m Ana, I’m 21, I’m from the UK. I absolutely LOVE animals, I’m an avid reader and currently… Read more

Review of House Rules by Jodi Picoult

House Rules is a captivating and poignant story about a teen with Aspergers, an overwhelmed mother, and a sibling who feels invisible. Emma’s marriage disintegrated when her husband decided that a chaotic household, and a son with Aspergers was more… Read more

Review of Love Anthony by Lisa Genova

Some books only stir and tug at a reader’s heart…others, the truly memorable ones, like “Love Anthony” encourage growth and leave imprints of inspiration behind. This book focuses on two women, who are distraught and overwhelmed with grief, when they… Read more