The Great American Read eBook Review Gal Book Review Catch Up

I reviewed several of the books on the PBS The Great American Read books list over on my DIY Mom Blog, but I felt the reviews should be mentioned here on the eBook Review Gal website as well. I won’t… Read more

A Fearful Madness by Julius Falconer

Book Description: If you think that religion, sex, the aristocracy and mystery might make a good crime novel, TRY THIS ONE! A police investigation into the violent death of a part-time cathedral verger stalls for lack of incriminating evidence. However,… Read more

Parallel Lives by Lori Lucero

Book Description: Parallel Lives is a twist on a traditional time-travel story with an existential crisis added to the mix. Who among us hasn’t at some point wished we could hit the “reset” button in our lives? What if you… Read more

Marina in a Green Dress by Alan Davidson

Synopsis: New to London, Jessica Tye is alarmingly obsessed with MARINA, a lush West End stage musical. With its storyline, its music — and its sensational boy lead singer, Kennedy Orr, who won a TV talent show to land the… Read more