Review of A Mug’s Game by C. D. Swanson

Jimmie Barlow is a seventeen-year-old extreme video gamer, living with his sister, Beth, and her young daughter, Suzie. Jimmie and Beth lost their parents in a deadly car accident caused by a drunk driver. It’s clear that Jimmie has some… Read more

Review of A Bullet for Carlos by Giacomo Giammattoe

A Bullet for Carlos is a magnificent and brilliantly crafted crime novel. Giacomo Giammattoe paints the Italian mobster’s world so vividly and with such authentic detail I felt as if I was actually living in it. When I entered the home… Read more

Review of Hyde’s Corner Trilogy Book II – In the Name of Vengeance by JB Bergstad

The year is 1928 and the story of Hyde’s Corner and the Burks family picks up where it left off in Book I. Selmer Burks is traveling with his good friend, Doctor Beaman, and the newest member of the Burks… Read more

Grind His Bones by Richard Newell Smith Book Review

Colby Clark is handsome, rich, entitled and privileged. He’s also a cold-blooded, pathological killer. As the son of a powerful billionaire, Colby knows his frequent indiscretions will continue to be taken care of by his father’s associates. However, when lawyer… Read more