Why Indie Book Marketing is So Darn Difficult

Authors often struggle with book marketing. After all, they’re writers, not promoters. It’s not easy to blatantly sing the praises of our own work. It can be downright uncomfortable. If you’ve uploaded and published your book on Amazon, yet sales… Read more

Review of Scare Addict by Luke Campen

Jeff Cowart is a thirty-two year old nobody, with no friends and no life outside his dead end job at the local super center. Day after day, Jeff merely exists while his dissatisfaction over his life causes him to feel… Read more

Review of Juggler’s Blade by Rob Ross

The Juggler’s Blade is the first book in Rob Ross’s Juggler’s Trilogy. It’s a fictional tale that is filled with fantasy, suspense and intrigue. Ian is a young juggler who had no idea that he lived in a world where… Read more

Blog It! by Molly Greene Featured Book

You’ve written your book and now it’s time to sit back and wait for sales to soar, right? Wrong. It takes a huge amount of work for writers to get their book noticed. We’ve discussed several ways to promote and… Read more

Interview with Kal S. Davian Author of Naming the Bane

*Naming the Bane, by Kal S. Davian is FREE 2/1/15 thru 2/5/15 – Grab a copy. If you like it, please consider sharing a review with eBook Review Gal. Please tell readers about  Naming the Bane… Naming the Bane is a… Read more

Book Trailer – King’s Ransom By John Martyn Wilson

Here’s my latest book trailer creation, for Indie Author, John Martyn Wilson’s new fast-paced Suspense Thriller:

How to Market Your Indie Book – A Slideshow

Here are several tips, techniques and methods for Indie authors to increase book sales and profits: How to Market Your Indie Book from eBook Review Gal