Goodreads Review of Product by Ian McCain

I just finished Product, by Ian McCain and, although this book was reviewed by our very own Peg Glover, I wanted to personally weigh in and put in my two cents, so here’s my Goodreads review: Product by Ian S…. Read more

Product by Ian McCain – Book Review by Peg Glover

This book is a well written vampire story that is painted so vividly that I actually felt as if I was living it; and let me tell you, that is one electrifying and frightening experience. The book centers around the… Read more

Interview with Ian McCain Author of Product

Author Bio: Ian S. McCain is, in the simplest terms, an entrepreneur, a fan of lateral thinking puzzles and Improv, a marketing strategist, a social butterfly, a husband and a father. Currently he spends his days working in a shed,… Read more