Interview With Kevin Brennan Author of Yesterday Road

Today’s interview is courtesy of Kevin Brennan, author of Parts Unknown, Our Children Are Not Our Children, and most recently, Yesterday Road. In your own words, please tell us about your latest book: My most recent book, Yesterday Road, is… Read more

Review of To The Nines by Janet Evanovich

To The Nines is a funny book, and part of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. Even though this is the ninth book in her series, it can be read as a standalone. Each of her mysteries builds upon the previous… Read more

Review of The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews

The Fixer Upper is a delightful, contemporary tale filled with quirky characters, outrageous behavior and oodles of witty dialogue. Dempsey Killebrew is a young woman who is fresh out of college and eager to start her new job as a junior lobbyist in DC. While… Read more

Review of TMI Mom: Oversharing My Life by Heather Davis

This book is hysterical.  Don’t pass on this one. Heather Davis is a great storyteller. She  invites her readers into her home and shares one brutally honest, unfiltered story after another until she has her readers laughing. Warning-This is not a… Read more

Interview with Michele Mene, Author of London, I Confess…I’m That Girl

Plot: This book follows Tex through her adventures in London.  She originally arrived in London to complete a graduate degree, and possibly find Mr. Darcy.  However, she soon discovers London is not what is described in books and movies, and… Read more

An A-Hole Gets In Shape by Andy Ostrom

Amazon Book Description: “A-Hole. That’s right, I said A-Hole. Don’t let the title scare you. Any word that you might hear on a primetime sit-com can’t really be a “bad” word, now can it? A-Hole sounds offensive, but really it’s… Read more