Review of 21 Ways to Forgive by Wes Daughenbaugh

21 Ways to Forgive is a brief Christian booklet that aims to explain the reasons why we need to forgive others. Pastor and author Wes Daughenbaugh shares his twenty-one top reasons why our salvation as Christians depends upon our ability… Read more

Review of Piecing Together Forgiveness by Kristi Burchfiel

Forgiveness can be difficult for many people and that includes Christians. Even when we set aside any sort of religious or spiritual reasons for forgiving someone who has wronged us, deep down most of us recognize how important it is… Read more

Review of Five Years in Heaven by John Schlimm

John is in his thirties and at a crossroads in his life. A chance encounter with an elderly nun, who’s also a ceramic artist, leads him to seek answers to questions about God, life, forgiveness and other important questions. He… Read more

Review of To the Everlasting by Sarah Renee Lonelodge

To the Everlasting follows the lives and subsequent deaths of John and Catherine, whose paths have “unexpectedly” crossed. John has allowed a series of negative circumstances to drag him down into the depths of alcoholism and homelessness. Catherine can’t enjoy… Read more