Review of Fear of Falling by Ellen Ann Dean

I enjoyed reading Fear of Falling, I felt the characters were very relatable and it was easy to put yourself in their shoes. There were no noticeable errors in the text, and it was a nice easy read. However, that… Read more

Review of Sempre by J. M. Darhower

Sempre is the first book in J.M. Darhower’s Forever Series. It is a well-crafted, emotionally charged thriller that kept me flipping the pages. Mafia families are at war; human trafficking is an organized crime competitive business, and slavery, unfortunately, is a… Read more

Review of If I Fall, If I Die by Michael Christie

Diane Cardiel and her son, Will, live a reclusive life in their home in a small town in Canada. Diane is quite happy that she has Will to do all the things she’s too afraid to do around the house…. Read more

Review of Seek ‘N Find by Teresa McKinley

Red is an eleven-year-old girl who lives with her grandmother, Nonny, in the small town of Carlston Corners. Seek ‘N Find follows the lives of Red and her two cousins, KarlaMae and Davison one summer back in the early 1970s…. Read more

Review of Sticky Girls by May Woodworth

It’s not always easy to take control of your own life. Often times women are stuck in bad situations without the means to dig their way out. It can become very easy for a woman to attach herself to a… Read more

Review of Gavril of Aquina by Aurrora St. James

From the moment the story started, I loved the world St. James had created. When Gavril first meets Shyla, I instantly fell in love with Shyla’s kindness, attitude, and ability. The sexual tension between the two is fantastic. The way… Read more

Review of Momma Don’t You Worry by Louie Lawent

As a lover of books, I’m a huge advocate of reading to children. Momma Don’t You Worry is a lovely little story, set in rhyme, with a positive message. This book is suitable for adults to read to young children,… Read more

Review of A Month of Bedtime Stories by Neil McFarlane

Australian storyteller, Neil McFarlane, has assembled a month’s worth of adventure stories in one unique children’s book. Far from the ordinary storybook, A Month of Bedtime Stories addresses the individual child so they can quickly imagine themselves as the main… Read more

Review of Everflame by Dylan Lee Peters

Although Fantasy isn’t usually my first book genre choice, I decided to download a copy of Everflame for two reasons. The first being it was free, the second because it had garnered over 930 Amazon reviews, with four stars being… Read more

Review of Spirit of Dragons by Kathryn Loch

Spirit of Dragons is the first book in Kathryn Loch’s exciting Dragon Wars series. During the eleventh century, hidden from the human race were battles that were being fought in England, between the people of magic. The Draoi (Druids that… Read more