Review of The Sons of Brabant by Michael Bolan

The Sons of Brabant by Michael Bolan is a well-crafted and interesting¬ mixture of historical fiction and fantasy. The book’s events are firmly rooted in the real-world setting of 17th Century Europe. Woven into this background is a story about… Read more

Review of Broken Dolls by Tyrolin Puxty

  Thirty years ago, Ella was a human. Now, Ella is a doll who spends her days dancing and playing “imagination time” in the professor’s dusty old attic. The professor doesn’t allow Ella to leave the attic and he never… Read more

Review of The Dark Forest by David Brogdon

The Dark Forest is a medieval-style fantasy novel that follows the story of three Meadow Haven friends, Roki, Dax and Leena, who enjoy venturing into the nearby forest in search of adventure. As the trio of adventurers gain more experience… Read more