Review of The Things We Knew by Catherine West

Lynette Carlisle has been forced to be so strong for so long and now things are beginning to collapse around her. At just twenty-four, she’s had to be the lone caretaker of her family’s crumbling estate and her father, whose… Read more

Review of The Lilliput Bar Mystery by Edna Curry

Cassie Jennings is a twenty five year old locksmith living in a small town where everyone knows one another and murders just don’t happen. Chance Martin is a city detective who recently relocates to Cassie’s little town. When the two… Read more

Review of Relative Malice by Marla Madison

Detective Kendall (Kenny) Halsrud has her hands full. She’s still recuperating from being shot, she’s practically homeless, her partner is unexpectedly hospitalized, and she’s investigating a gruesome home invasion/multiple murder/baby kidnapping case. Along the way, Kendall joins forces with one… Read more