Review of Here and Gone by Haylen Beck

Audra Kinney and her two young children (Sean and Louise) are driving from NY to California to start a new life. Audra is fleeing an abusive husband, as well as her past life as an addict. Two years sober, and… Read more

Review of This Side of Providence by Rachel M. Harper

Arcelia Perez flees Puerto Rico to escape an abusive husband. She takes her small daughter Luz, but leaves her son Cristo behind when she boards a plane to NYC. Somewhere along the way, she decides that taking drugs is the… Read more

Review of The Grave Man by David Archer

Sam Prichard is seriously wounded during a drug bust gone terribly wrong. The police department sets him up with a generous retirement package, but he soon finds he has too much time on his hands. His love life is lacking… Read more

Review of A Trip Down Reality Lane by Ian Thomas Malone

This review was written by Neil McFarlane for eBook Review Gal. A Trip Down Reality Lane by Ian Thomas Malone describes a day in the life of three student friends – Ian, James and Charles – who decide to combine an… Read more

Review of The Dragonslayers by Matthew Maynard

Scott Philipson’s ordinary life as a carefree college student is turned upside down when his parents are murdered in their own home. A no-knock drug raid executed at the wrong house is to blame and Scott is left to pick… Read more

Interview with Matthew Maynard Author of The Dragonslayers

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Review of A Bullet for Carlos by Giacomo Giammattoe

A Bullet for Carlos is a magnificent and brilliantly crafted crime novel. Giacomo Giammattoe paints the Italian mobster’s world so vividly and with such authentic detail I felt as if I was actually living in it. When I entered the home… Read more