Review of The Babbling Brook Naked Poker Club by Ann Warner

Josephine Bartlett is Brookside’s resident curmudgeon and she’s happy to keep it that way. Sent to live in the assisted living home by her controlling son Jeff, Josephine doesn’t want anyone to know about her expensive belongings, funded by her… Read more

Review of Deadly Advice by Roberta Isleib

Rebecca Butterman is a psychologist who moonlights as an advice columnist for Bloom! Magazine. Rebecca is still struggling to move past her recent divorce, as well as having to come to grips with a few other personal issues. Rebecca is… Read more

Review of Fatal Forty-Eight by Kassandra Lamb

There’s a serial killer on the loose and his latest victim is psychotherapist Kate Huntington’s friend and former boss, Sally Ford. As investigators soon discover, this is the same serial killer known for his 48-hour deadline – save the victim… Read more

Cindy Where Are You? by Roger Rapel Virtual Book Tour Stop and Review

Title: Cindy, Where Are  You? Author: Roger Rapel Genre: Suspense/Thriller Length: 252 pages Release Date: March 15th, 2015 ISBN-13: 978-1508470748       SYNOPSIS: Jim’s marriage was on the rocks because of his long hours working as a Detective Sergeant… Read more

Review of Cindy Where Are You by Roger Rapel

eBook Review Gal will be participating in the Cindy Where Are You Virtual Book Tour, so please check back for more information on June 12th. In the meantime, here is the eBook Review Gal book review:   Jim Broadbent is… Read more

Review of Bloody Royals by Alan Alexander

A local hiker slips down a hillside near Scotland’s Balmoral Estate and accidentally discovers a partially buried skull. Aberdeen’s Metropolitan Police force must discover who the victim is and under what circumstances the death has occurred. Former royal aide and… Read more

Review of Small Talk by Robert Germaux

Detective Daniel Hayes and his Special Assignment Squad (SAS) have their hands full. There’s a ruthless killer roaming the streets of Pittsburg, stalking and brutally murdering young women. When one murder turns to into several, the SAS know the killer… Read more