Review of Brief Encounters with Solitary Souls by Evy Journey

Brief Encounters with Solitary Souls is a short story compilation of five open-ended stories. these include: At A Paris Café The Gypsy The Sum of a Young Life A Few Fast Heartbeats Fragrant Green Mangoes I wasn’t sure what to… Read more

Review of Life After by Katie Ganshert

It’s been one full year since Autumn Manning survived Tragedy on the Tracks and she’s still struggling to figure out why she was the only survivor of the fateful Chicago train bombing. When Autumn begins receiving letters from the twelve-year-old… Read more

Review of Stillwell by Michael Phillip Cash

Paul Russo is devastated when his wife, Allison, finally succumbs to the cancer she’s been fighting for months. Despite having tried every possible cure, Allison is gone and Paul is left to raise their three young children. The disease has… Read more

Review of Madigan Mine by Kirstyn McDermott

Alex and Madigan were childhood friends since kindergarten – until Madigan’s family suddenly moved away. Alex is thrilled to bump into Madigan again years later when they’re both in their twenties. They renew their relationship, but this time it’s become… Read more

Review of Chet: Whispers From the Past by Larry Murray

Charles Tucker has chosen to live a solitary life on his Idaho dairy farm for the past 29 years. After losing his only child, Jason, in a deadly auto accident and his beloved wife, Emily, to cancer, Charles is content… Read more

Review of You Only Get So Much by Dan Kolbet

After a tragic, life-changing event shatters Billy Redmond’s idyllic life forever, he becomes a reclusive loner. He chooses to live alone in the Montana Mountains and remain estranged from his family for the next twelve years. He thinks it’s better… Read more

Review of Lighthouse Nights by Jake Vander Ark

Trevor and Jules are a dysfunctional couple who take advantage of suicidal people they meet in an internet chat room. They encourage deeply depressed individuals to end it all so they can steal their valuables. Trevor is clearly psychotic, with… Read more

Review of On The Edge by T. S. Krupa

Unfortunately, children do not come with a set of instructions. Parents want the best for their children under any circumstance. Children are a woven creation from both of their parents. The love a parent has for their child is unconditional…. Read more

Review of To Catch Her Death by Boone Brux

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Review of Chet: From Out of Nowhere by Larry Murray

Charles Tucker is a hardworking young man with a loving wife and an adoring little boy. Earning a living as a dairy farmer is notoriously difficult in any economy. When Charles needs a new truck to keep the family business… Read more