Review of A Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton-Porter

I was excited to read this book. I love old-fashioned nostalgic coming-of-age stories and judging from the reviews, I was in for a treat. However, I found myself disappointed with A Girl of the Limberlost. Gene Stratton-Porter’s writing style, in my… Read more

Review of Free by Lisa Litberg

Free is a Deadhead who follows the band on tour after she leaves home at the age of eighteen. Free isn’t her real name, but a name she chose for herself when she decided to change her life. Unfortunately, Free… Read more

Review of Liar from Vermont by Laura C. Stevenson

We first meet Peggy Hamilton as a seven-year-old girl in 1953. Because of her father’s temporary position at Harvard, Peggy and her family are spending a year in Boston. Peggy is bright and imaginative, and she’s captivated her class with… Read more

Review of A Chronicle of Chaos by D. M. Cain

D.M. Cain once again lured me into her majestic imagination with A Chronicle of Chaos. The story began in the year 1379. For hundreds of years the Brotherhood of the Shadow and Children of Light territories had been at war… Read more

Review of Bad Moon Rising by S. D. Curran

Who doesn’t think their family is a little dysfunctional? Many of us do. Robert Fulton is a nineteen year old college freshman who’s agonizing about whether or not to go home to spend yet another unbearable holiday with his drunken,… Read more

Review of The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

This love story is about two grieving young souls who are tormented and disheartened by their own demons. The relationship between these two begins on a bus when Andrew, a young man of twenty five, takes a seat behind Cam,… Read more