Review of Blue Karma by J. K. Ullrich

Water is the resource of life. Without water humans, plants and animals would perish. Water is crucial for survival and its absence can contribute to feelings of  anger, greed and depression. But what about extreme amounts of water? As many… Read more

In Search of Home and Voices of Haiti Book Blitz

This award-winning* e-book focuses on an under-reported global crisis: statelessness. People who are stateless are not refugees, not exactly. Often they are living in their homes in a country they consider to be their own. Yet they are stateless—without the… Read more

Voices of Haiti by Lisa Armstrong, Kwame Dawes & Andre Lambertson

Voices of Haiti was recently named one of the best e-books of the year by the Pictures of the Year International (POYi). The e-book combines poetry, journalism, photography, and music to capture state building in Haiti.   iTunes Description: “An… Read more