How To Write a Book Review by Susan Barton

  Judging by the amount of books that are published and sold every year, reading is still a valued pastime. Most often, the reason readers take the time to review a book is because we have some definite opinions about… Read more

Why Authors Need Media Kits

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How Authors Can Get Book Reviews

This article is from my super short book “Becoming an Authorpreneur”:   I’ll start this article by saying DON’T BUY REVIEWS. It’s unfair to your readers. It’s unfair to authors who play by the rules. And most of all, it’s… Read more

Review of Firetale by Dante E. Graves

Who doesn’t like a circus? Clowns, high wire acts, and animal tricks are what one would expect to see at a circus right? Well this was no ordinary circus. Lazarus Bernardius, an immortal, was appointed by the devil as Ringmaster… Read more

Review of The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

Violet Ambrose is a sixteen-year-old high school student with psychic abilities. Her ability to hear “echoes” enables her to pick up on the “imprints” of the dead – whether animal or human, these echoes speak to Violet. When she was… Read more

Review of Hyacinth Girls by Lauren Frankel

Joyce and Rebecca are best friends growing up in Connecticut in the 80s. When Joyce becomes a teen mom, Rebecca steps in to help. Joyce and Rebecca raise Callie together and when Joyce unexpectedly dies, Rebecca becomes Callie’s guardian. The… Read more

Review of The Backup Husband by Robert Germaux

When we first meet the main characters in The Backup Husband, Paul and Steven are college roomies and best friends. Steven and Samantha are in the very early stages of a casual relationship. Both men are good-looking and athletic. Although… Read more

Review of How To Catch a (Rock) Star by Gabrielle Aquilina

Lillie is young, pretty and temporarily stuck in a dead-end job she hates. Her breakup with “Married Matt” a year prior has left her more than a little jaded and hesitant to start a new relationship. That changes when she’s… Read more

Review of On His Turf by Jennifer Watts

About On His Turf: Carmelina Dahl is used to taking care of herself. Growing up on the poor side of Austin with a drunk for a mother gave her little other choice. But she’s worked hard to get ahead and… Read more

Review of Ruby by Cynthia Bond

Ephram Jennings is a forty-something year old man who lives in Liberty, Texas with his older sister, Celia. Celia has raised Ephram, since he was eight, after their mother was admitted to the local mental hospital. They live a quiet… Read more