How Blogging Made Me a Better Novelist Guest Post by Laura Vanderkam

Today’s guest post comes from nationally recognized writer, journalist and author, Laura Vanderkam. Laura has some valuable advice to share about the importance of blogging, and how blogging has made her a better writer.  I started blogging several years ago more… Read more

Blog It! by Molly Greene Featured Book

You’ve written your book and now it’s time to sit back and wait for sales to soar, right? Wrong. It takes a huge amount of work for writers to get their book noticed. We’ve discussed several ways to promote and… Read more

eBook Review Gal Blog Launch – Contributors Wanted

We’ve launched a new eBook Review Gal Blog as a complement to this website and as a place for writers to share their work, their writing process, tips, advice and techniques. We want the blog to become an online community where writers can help one another to… Read more