Review of Ed’s Tohlet by Don Keele Jr.

Most Christians know that the Bible is filled with inspirational stories. This is a wonderfully effective way to learn God’s word and the teachings of Jesus. Jesus himself was a gifted storyteller. Ed’s Tohlet is also full of encouraging and… Read more

Cordell’s Poems of Spiritual Inspiration by Mack “Cordell” Moore

Cordell’s Poems of Spiritual Inspiration Second Edition by Mack “Cordell” Moore will take you on a spiritual journey using the bible as his inspiration. These heart-felt poems are more like mini stories that are uplifted with the spirit of Jesus. The mini-stories… Read more

Review of The Secret Rebellion by Martin Baggen

The Secret Rebellion opens during Ancient Rome’s rule over the Jewish people. The Jews are frustrated and angry that their people continue to be oppressed, robbed, beaten, unjustly imprisoned and slaughtered at the hands of Roman rulers. A small group… Read more