Review of Your Soul Was Made for Mine by C L Hunter


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Emmalyn Stone is heartbroken. She’s lost her husband Thomas and she’s having a great deal of trouble going on without him. When she’s contacted by Nolan O’Neil, Irish businessman and Thomas’s former colleague, her initial reaction is one of hostility and resentment. But Nolan doesn’t take no for an answer. He made a promise to Thomas on his deathbed and he intends to keep it. There’s far too much at stake – more than anyone could imagine. When the two begin writing letters to one another – Emmalyn from America and Nolan from Ireland – they soon become better acquainted which sets a mystical plan in motion.

Your Soul Was Made for Mine is certainly a different kind of read. Without giving away any spoilers, I can say that this book is most definitely more than an erotic romance novel. Just be aware that the key word is erotica. Readers who are put off by swearing and sex might be offended. However, there’s a well-constructed plot here.

Ms. Hunter is a wonderful storyteller. She’s added some unique elements that most other erotic novels don’t have. Poetry, angels, fantasy, Irish culture, romance…I could go on…all of it is skillfully woven and that’s what makes this book a truly unique read.

The author shares in her bio that this book came about after having a dream while vacationing in Ireland. I LOVE that! It goes to show that story ideas are all around us. C L Hunter has used a dream to bring her characters to life.

I would recommend Your Soul Was Made for Mine to anyone interested in reading intelligent erotic romance with a distinctive and appealing twist. Five stars!


5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton



While On a trip to beautiful and mysterious Ireland, the characters from C. L. Hunter’s romance novel appeared to her in dreams. They did not leave her even after she returned home from the enchanted island. Once she started writing their words, Hunter couldn’t stop until the entwined relationships and mysteries of Nolan and Emmalyn were completely revealed. The author now shares their erotic tale with you.
C. L. Hunter lives in Florida with her husband, autistic son, and their Irish water spaniel named Brody. She also has two grown daughters and two amazing granddaughters. She is currently working on her second novel, “My Soul Belongs to you.”