Review of Whispering to Horses by Thomas Nye


Whispering to Horses is a short novella that centers on the lives of two main characters. Matt is a twenty-something business man who moves into a modern housing development in Amish country and Eli is a mature nine-year-old Amish boy who lives on the other side of the old fence that divides the two properties. The two characters become unlikely, but fast friends, which has a positive and emotional change on them both.

eBook Review Gal Book Review of Whispering to Horses by Thomas Nye

I found Whispering to Horses to be a sweet and touching story about misunderstanding, prejudice, acceptance and love. The relationship and eventual bond between Matt and Eli was believable and genuine. The transformation in Matt’s attitude was realistic and heartwarming. Eli’s character was extremely likable and sincere from the start.

I enjoyed reading about Amish life through the eyes of Matt, who was eventually able to have a better understanding of the Amish. He went from viewing them as a local annoyance to accepting them as valuable members of the community.

The twist near the end of the story left me hoping for a book series. There are plenty of opportunities to continue with Matt and Eli’s story and I’d gladly read every one of them. I highly recommend Whispering to Horses and give it five well-deserved stars!


5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

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