Review of While Princesses Sleep (Princess Book Set One – Four) by Emma Right

eBook Review Gal Book Review of While Princesses Sleep Book Series by Emma RightThis is a set of books about the adventures of two little princesses that are geared toward young girls. Twelve year old Elle and her ten year old sister Belle live in Chadwick Castle. They’re looked after by their governess, Madame Lovella and their respective ladies-in-waiting. The stories are told in first person, past tense, which I greatly appreciated.

Book One begins with a mystery that the two princesses must solve. Elle has overheard a commotion in the castle and she’s worried about her mother the Queen. Elle had only caught snippets of conversation, but what she’s heard causes her enough distress to devise a plan that might just get her and her sister in trouble…or worse.

Renoir’s classic paintings accompany the text in Book One. They add a charming and appropriately Victorian feel to the books. The author has added a brief artist bio at the end of Book One. In fact, each book in the series is constructed in this manner. What a lovely way to introduce young children to art and artwork! In Book Two, Three and Four the mystery continues and features the works of Degas, William Paxton and Albrecht Durer. A crisis occurs in Book Four that is sure to keep youngsters in suspense.

Ms. Right has a wonderfully engaging style of writing. I loved that although the main characters are proper young princesses they still bicker like all sisters and get into trouble like ordinary little girls. This certainly makes Belle and Elle easily relatable to young readers.

The princess stories are absolutely charming and should appeal to even the very young child. Parents and grandparents can read to little ones and older children should have no problem reading these books alone. These are wholesome, timeless tales for families to share together!


5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton


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