Review of Twenty-One Trees by Linda Cousine

Savannah May Holladay wakes up confused and frightened in the hospital from a medical induced coma. It’s a lot for Savannah to take in all at once. Her parents look like they’ve aged over night, her best friend, Birdy, is now her husband and they have four children together. Savannah soon learns she has “dissociative amnesia” and the previous seven years of her life have been wiped from her memory. In her mind, she’s still the privileged, spoiled home coming queen, engaged to handsome football jock Bobby Lee. Savannah has a long and difficult road ahead. Will she be able to slip back into her new humbler, less glamorous life with Birdy and their children? Or will the reality of what’s happened to her be too much for her to bear?

eBook Review Gal Book Review of Twenty-One Trees by Linda Cousine

Twenty-One Trees turned out to be a wonderful gem. These are likable, real and charming characters. The love Birdy shows for Savannah, regardless of how difficult it may be at times, is wonderful. I was engrossed in their story and I was rooting for them all the way. Birdy and Savannah’s children were absolute dolls! These were children who’ve seen their parents at their best, as well as their worst and it showed. Yet, they remained resilient and sweet throughout the story. I found them to be extremely appealing characters and I wanted to see things work out for them.

When an author makes me care about the welfare of their characters, I know they’ve gotten it right. Although this story is heartbreaking at times, Linda Cousine injects some really funny humor into her writing. I found myself giggling several times. Her writing has a natural flow that I found quite appealing.

Twenty-One Trees is a beautiful story about depression, abuse, friendship, loyalty and love. I highly recommend giving it a read!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton