Review of To the Everlasting by Sarah Renee Lonelodge

To the Everlasting follows the lives and subsequent deaths of John and Catherine, whose paths have “unexpectedly” crossed. John has allowed a series of negative circumstances to drag him down into the depths of alcoholism and homelessness. Catherine can’t enjoy the happy life she’s made for herself because she can’t forgive herself for a choice she To the Everlasting by Sarah Renee Lonelodgemade as a young girl.

Sarah Renee Lonelodge has written a thought-provoking and moving tale of loss, regret, bitterness, and how people can sometimes allow themselves to remain stagnant when faced with negative life lessons. Ms. Lonelodge’s writing flows beautifully, making this book a quick and easy read. The series of included quotes were obviously chosen carefully and go along nicely with each chapter.

There are some definite religious connotations at work in To the Everlasting, but the author has injected these subtly and not in a preachy manner. The message is clear. There are consequences to our actions while on Earth and some day we will have to answer for them. However, recognizing we’ve made mistakes and simply asking for forgiveness (of whomever that might be to you) is all that’s necessary.

I would recommend reading To the Everlasting if you enjoy a tale of love, compassion, humility and forgiveness, told in a unique and charming way. I look forward to reading more books by this author!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton