Review of To Catch Her Death by Boone Brux

What does a widow with three children, living in Alaska, do when she needs a job? SheTo Catch Her Death by Boone Brux becomes a grim reaper, of course. Lisa Carron’s husband dies in a car accident and leaves very little money for his family to live on. Lisa is caught up in a convenience store holdout. With the help of Nate Cramer, she manages to cross the gunman’s soul over after he’s shot and killed by the store clerk. And thus begins Lisa’s new career.

To Catch Her Death was certainly an imaginative tale. It’s difficult to define the genre, as it’s quite unique. Maybe paranormal comedy? Magical comedy? Author Boone Brux does include several elements in this book, which will undoubtedly make it appeal to a fairly wide variety of readers. I’d like to see the book undergo one final editing go around, as I noticed several glaring typos, which I found distracting. I didn’t quite connect with the main character and her snarky, adolescent wisecracking ways. I thought at times it was a little overdone. However, To Catch Her Death definitely has a great deal of potential. The author can certainly build upon this book’s premise and go off in many different directions – and after all, that makes for a great book series.

If you’re looking for something short and out of the ordinary, I’d recommend To Catch Her Death. I’ll be looking for future sequels.


4 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton