Review of Things I’ve Said To My Children by Nathan Ripperger with Book Giveaway

For most people, the phrase, “He’s your brother, not a pull toy,” will probably never be uttered. Once you become a parent, you start saying things you never imagined would leave your mouth. That’s the idea behind Nathan Ripperger’s book, Things I’ve Said To My Children.

Things I've Said To My Children by Nathan Ripperger

Ripperger has compiled a book of phrases only a parent would have occasion to say. As the father of five boys, all under the age of ten, the author most likely had plenty of material to choose from. As the mother of three children, I can relate, as most parents probably can.

Things I’ve Said To My Children is cute and colorful. It would make a nice gift for a mother or father to be. I would think that children would even get a kick out this book too. Recommended!


4 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

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