Review of The Yankee Club by Michael Murphy

It’s 1933 and a national catastrophe is about to go down in Queens, NY.  A famous mystery writer, Jake Donovan, who was traveling from Florida to seek inspiration for his new novel, suddenly found himself in the midst of a real-time murder mystery. Within 24 hours of his arrival in Queens, Jake had taken a bullet in the leg, witnessed the murder of his ex-detective partner, Mickey O’Brien and learned that the love of his life, Laura Wilson, was engaged to be married to another man.

Jake’s detective instincts told him that Mickey was on the verge of exposing someone or something of great importance. His ex-partner fought with his dying breath to whisper the words “The key” to him. What key? And why did he find Laura Wilson snooping around Mickey’s office when he opened the door? She wasn’t exactly forthcoming with information or small talk when she saw him. But for Laura to pull a gun on him? Well, that was just plain bizarre. Okay, he got it, she was still mad at him. He had taken off two years ago when she refused his marriage proposal. He had to. He needed to distance himself from her to gain perspective and start a new life. She’d hurt him badly. So he threw his heart and soul into a new career and became a well-known writer. The Yankee Club by Michael Murphy

When did Laura start carrying a gun? And what kind of danger could she possibly have gotten herself into? Jake decided though, ex-girlfriend or not, he was going to make it his business to find out. And while he was investigating who was after Laura, he would avenge Mickey’s murder at the same time. His gut was telling him that whatever the two of them were mixed up in, they were tangled in it together. If Laura needed saving, then Jake wanted to be the one to do it; especially if it meant saving her from her damn rich fiancée’.

The Yankee Club is a compelling mystery, meticulously crafted, and filled with humor and witty dialogue. I found the characters realistic and the plot intriguing. Although The Yankee Club does not leave its readers dangling with a cliffhanger, it does leave them anxiously waiting for the next book.

Michael Murphy is a talented writer, who became one of my favorite authors after I read his magnificent debut book, Goodbye Emily. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Yankee Club and I’m looking forward for book two in the Jake and Laura Mystery Series.

5 out of 5 stars, Review by Peg Glover