Review of The Price of Fame by Carolyne Aarsen

Sisters Alice, Louise and Jane have lovingly transformed their childhood home into the Grace Chapel Inn Bed and Breakfast in the quaint little town of Acorn Hill. The sisters enjoy their peaceful, quiet lives, although Jane, the youngest of the sisters, is restless at times. When a Hollywood crew shows up in Acorn Hill and stays at Grace Chapel the residents have mixed feelings. Will the price of fame be worth it for everyone?

eBook Review Gal Book Review of The Price of Fame by Carolyne Aarsen

This is a sweet and charming book about a close-knit family and community, with good old-fashioned values. I found it a tiny bit slow at times, but that’s just the type of book this is. Life is simple and easy in Acorn Hill and the book reflects this.

The author’s writing style is lovely and thoughtful. Her faith comes across subtly and never preachy. The Christian values within the book are refreshing and heartfelt.

I came into this series late, since this is Book 14, but I’d definitely be willing to go back and read the others. I was fortunate to have borrowed The Price of Fame from my local Little Free Library and am happy to have had the opportunity to read it!


5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton