Review of The Love Shack by Don Nori

Like other reviewers have mentioned, the book starts off a little slow and somewhat confusing. I was unsure at first what the primary focus was, since the author refers to several other books in the first chapter. But, from there, I was happy to find this book was really quite wonderful.

The Love Shack is filled with positive information for readers. I loved the message that “Fulfillment is experienced only when you are living out the purpose for which you were born.” This reaffirms the idea that God has created us all for a purpose and it’s our responsibility to fulfill that purpose or we’ll always be at odds with ourselves – and with God.

The author refers to Biblical scripture and a variety of other books and authors to make his points. I found it a fascinating and inspiring read. Highly recommended!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton